Restorative Dentistry and Dental Implants

If you are looking into restorative dentistry to replace one or more missing teeth, Melissa Maus & Associates is here to help select the right option for you. Besides dentures, dental implants are a stellar way for you to replace your teeth and restore your smile. Having lost teeth can cause detrimental defects over time. It’s important to replace those... read more »

Make a Good Smile Great by Keeping It Cavity-Free

When you get a hole in your tooth, it is called a cavity. Oftentimes, cavities are caused by harmful acids created from the bacteria in plaque. With better oral hygiene, plaque can be washed away and not given a chance to flourish and damage our precious teeth. You can make a good smile great by keeping it cavity-free with these... read more »

Fill out Your Smile with Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

If you ever have cavities, there are a few options to choose from. Although dental amalgams can provide extreme durability for years to come, they cannot match the aesthetics and charm that our tooth-colored composite fillings can provide. If you are considering filling out your smile with tooth-colored composite fillings, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy: -... read more »

Sharing Your Toothbrush Can Hurt Your Oral Health

How often have you been told that you should brush your teeth? You should remember to brush your teeth twice every day. When you brush, please remember to do so for two minutes at a time and try to start in a different area of your mouth every time. But do you know what you should do if you don’t... read more »

Floss Daily for a Happy Smile

Are your taking care of your smile? Have you set any goals for the new year in terms of your oral health care treatment? The more that you do to keep your smile happy and healthy, the longer your teeth and gums can serve you effectively. Oftentimes, we do not employ flossing treatments enough or with the proper effectiveness. Floss... read more »

The Secret to a Great Smile Is Cosmetic Dentistry

As humans, we tend to be very hard on our teeth. Everything from what we eat, to the grinding of our teeth in our sleep can easily damage or wear down even the strongest of smiles. Although brushing twice daily and flossing daily is important to achieve a healthier and cleaner smile, it may not be enough to ensure our... read more »

The Tips You Need to Maintain a Pristine Oral Health this Christmas

Do you want a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile this Christmas? If so, there are things you need to do to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Those things are: -Get a professional dental cleaning: It’s vital to get a dental cleaning every six months, so if you’re due for your checkup, it’s best to schedule it soon.... read more »

Porcelain Crowns Are Often Used to Enhance the Appearance of an Unappealing Tooth

If your smile has been rendered unappealing by chips, stains, old dental work or other cosmetic imperfections, it can leave you feeling self-conscious. In some cases, your smile can be improved by dental veneers. However, if a tooth lacks sufficient enamel to secure a veneer, your dentist, Dr. Melissa Maus, might recommend restoring the tooth with a porcelain dental crown.... read more »

Affordable Ways to Fix your Smile

In the past, fixing your smile has been a bit of a costly endeavor. However, that's not the case in today's dental world. Now, here at Melissa Maus & Associates in San Francisco, California, we offer a number of smile restoration options to match any budget. If you've thought about getting your smile fixed but let the costs get in... read more »

Taking Care of Your Teeth as a Teen

Growing up means more than just learning to drive, or taking a job to pay for expenses. The skills we have learned throughout our childhood, now become our responsibility to fine-tune, hone, and enhance, for optimum results. Skills like oral hygiene now take on new dynamics beyond brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash. Many environmental and social factors now also come... read more »