If you want to benefit from a deep form of sedation, then come to Melissa Maus & Associates for IV sedation. Our dentists provide this service right in our office, working with a board certified anesthesiologist in order to keep you safe and comfortable. Call Dr. Maus to see if you can benefit from our IV sedation in San Francisco, California.

Nervous patients may avoid visiting a dental office altogether because they suffer from dental anxiety. We want all of our patients to receive the dental treatments that are needed for healthy smiles, so we strive to help them feel comfortable by offering sedation dentistry. In addition to nitrous oxide and oral sedation, we also help patients relax with IV sedation.

IV sedation is a fast-acting method that helps you to feel calm and comfortable more quickly. It is injected directly into your veins, and it creates a deeper sedation than nitrous oxide. You may even fall asleep during treatment. If you are interested in receiving IV sedation, then discuss it with our dentists and have a family member or friend available to drive you to and from your appointment. Call us today to learn more about IV sedation.