Your New Partial Needs to Be Included in Your Daily Oral Hygiene Regimen

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Your new partial was designed at Melissa Maus & Associates to replicate the presence and function of your multiple missing teeth. While it was custom crafted from durable materials to match tightly with the underlying structure of your mouth, it will still need daily care and cleaning. Including it as part of your daily oral hygiene regimen will increase its lifespan and ensure a comfortable fit.

If you like to use denture adhesive for an extra-secure hold, it will require additional cleaning efforts. If something gets stuck in the space between the partial and your gums, you should thoroughly rinse the unit and reapply fresh adhesive.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse your partial when you take it out at night. This will help clear away residual denture adhesive and provide a smooth surface so you can reapply the denture adhesive in the morning. You should then brush your partial with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a non-abrasive toothpaste, like denture polish. You can then store your partial overnight by soaking it in water and keeping it in a safe place.

You should continue brushing and flossing your remaining natural teeth as you would in your daily oral hygiene routine. It is especially important to floss around the gumline of the teeth surrounding your partial. Maintaining healthy gums will also help the partial fit securely and comfortably.

If you have questions about how to properly clean and maintain your new partial denture in San Francisco, California, you can always call 415-781-0819 to speak to a member of the staff at Melissa Maus & Associates.