The Schedule of Your Children’s Baby Teeth

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You may understand that there are several steps you should take if you’d like to help your child stay strong and healthy. For example, you probably understand that you should exercise and help your kids follow a healthy and balanced diet. You should also pay attention to how your little one’s smile is progressing, but do you know when your kid’s teeth should erupt or fall out?

In reality, you should expect your little one to get their baby tooth when they are about six months old, but many children won’t get their first little tooth for about ten months. You should also expect a child to get their last baby tooth when they’re between the ages of two and three.

Your little one will typically lose their first tooth at about six years old and their last tooth should come in when between the ages of ten and twelve. If your child does lose a tooth when they’re younger than five, please contact our dental team as soon as possible. You should also schedule an appointment with us if your child fails to lose their first tooth by the time they’re eight years old.

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