Dental Anxiety Can Affect Adults, Too

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Going to the dentist can be hard at any age, especially if you’ve had difficult experiences in the past. These can sometimes create dental anxiety. It is important, however, that you still schedule and keep regular dental appointments. Here are some causes of dental anxiety, and a few methods of managing it.

–Past Experience: If you have had painful procedures in the past, it may make it harder for you to want to continue seeing your dentist. At Melissa Maus & Associates, we will do all we can to make you as comfortable as possible. Our skilled staff will assist you in anything in our power that you need.

–Lack of Control: Sometimes a feeling of helplessness triggers a negative mental or emotional reaction in a patient. If you experience this, remember that we are here to help. At our office, you are in complete control of the situation and can stop or pause the procedure at almost any point. It may also help to find out more about the details about your procedure or cleaning. Our dental team can explain the steps of your treatment so that you know exactly what to expect. This will help you put to rest anything you aren’t quite sure about, and help you relieve some stress.

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