Check with your Dentist Before Experimenting with a Dental Whitening Product

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Chronic dental stains that appear on your teeth can cause you to feel socially awkward when you smile. This can tempt some individuals to experiment with the dental whitening products sold in stores.

Unfortunately, most of these products use a form of hydrogen peroxide as their primary whitening agent in concentrations that are often ineffective for removing significant stains that have set into tooth enamel. This can prompt excessive use which could potentially irritate your gums and harm your tooth enamel.

Instead of risking these problems, you should consider setting up a consultation with a dentist like Dr. Melissa Maus before using any dental whitening product.

The professional training and experience they has received can quickly assess the severity of your dental stains. This will serve to determine the most effective treatment plan for improving the appearance of your teeth.

In many cases like this, a dental bleaching treatment can whiten. The professional tools and techniques used by our dentists can remove significant dental stains without harming your mouth.

After your teeth have been whitened we might recommend occasionally using whitening toothpaste to address minor dental stains that develop between your dental checkups. Just make sure that you are only using a brand that has been approved by the American Dental Association.

If you live in the San Francisco, California, area and you are struggling to deal with chronic dental stains, you should call 415-781-0819 to set up a consultation appointment at Melissa Maus & Associates.